Soul_Quote_by_SunRyze02The emotions we feel are vital to our souls evolution and expansion. Humans (as one of the sentient beings) have been given the amazing gift to feel… we have EMOTIONS. They teach us. We make everyday decisions based on what resonates with us energetically… and what feels right. Each experience we encounter leaves within us an emotional footprint – happiness, sadness, inspired, or disheartened. Emotions are interwoven into the fabric of being human. They are essential AND part of our spiritual journey.

One of the most important insights I share with the world… is to nourish the vibration of LOVE and allow good feelings to well within us. Why? Because the heart is our guide, it is the Voice of the Soul, and the emotions the heart feels is what our soul needs to expand. The universe will present us with the experiences that match the predominant emotion (energetic vibration) that we carry with us. The research that is being done in the field of Quantum Physics now confirms that the energy field of the heart is more than 5000 times stronger than that generated by the brain. If you resonate happiness, that vibration can be felt by other people who are standing several feet around you.

If you are mostly living a life of fear, it is all your heart will know, and will give you the experiences to match the energy you feel. In contrast, the feeling of love brings us miracles… and guides our journey towards enlightenment, abundance, happiness and inner peace which I know so many seek.

One way to bring the love vibration into everyday life is through gratitude. It is one of the most powerful tools I know. Be grateful for what you have in your life. Be grateful throughout your day. I often find myself just thanking the world around me for the wonders I get to see and feel and experience. The key is not just in thinking it, but rather feeling it! Truly feeling grateful. That’s when miracles show up everyday.

About the Author:

MILAN LJUBINCIC is an internationally renowned psychologist, speaker and author of the International Bestseller & Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release Island of Souls.