I have fond memories of my childhood years playing in a field of flowers at my primary school in Southern Australia, this was in the mid to late 1980’s. The flowers as I had known them were called soursobs, with leaves fanned out like a clover, with brilliant yellow flowers at its crest. Our teachers taught us that the stems were edible; they had a pleasant sour taste, and as kids we would chew on them for fun or when we were bored.

To most the soursob is known as a weed, but to me it’s a gift from mother nature, and a reminder of my earlier years growing up. The aboriginal teachers that would visit the school showed us how to survive on the land, and the abundance of edible foods and plants all around us. I remember being taught, that if we look closely on the eucalyptus leaves we might find white capsules that have a sweet sugary taste to them. I would go around the school grounds and munch on these little treats! We even had ‘bush tucker’ lunches of kangaroo sometimes and tried witchetty grubs, roasted over a camp fire.

We are intimately connected to the earth, nature and all its species… it gives us what we need… if we keep our eyes and mind open.