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Embracing Cosmic Uncertainty

The universe operates in mysterious ways. We understand little of the workings of the cosmos—we cannot tell how much dark matter exists, what black holes are about, or what else is out there, just yet. And because we have no idea how the universe was formed, or how it has changed and evolved, we cannot [...]

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A Perfect Way to Grow

All things move. Nothing stays the same. Everything around us, including you and me, are growing and evolving into something different than we are right now. We are open and curious when we embrace growth. Growth means we are constantly transforming, and no matter what form that growth takes—be it through pain or enlightenment, [...]

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A Season of Change

For thousands of years, not much changed for ancient man. He plodded through a world as crude as that of his forefathers – until the day he invented fire. One moment of progress led to another, change coming at an ever-increasing rate through stone, iron and industrial ages until it culminated in today’s hi-tech world. [...]

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The Magic of Giving Subtle Guidance to Others

We all need a helping hand at one time or another, but a light touch is required to keep good intentions from backfiring. Recent psychological studies confirm ancient teachings about the wisdom of being subtle when we try to assist others. “When no credit is taken, accomplishment endures.” Lao Tzu, the sixth century Chinese [...]

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Let Go Of The Heavy

What is that heavy load you carry? We all come with some baggage. As we live our lives we encounter harsh words from others, endure painful experiences, and even feel guilt for what we ourselves may have said or done. Naturally, these things will make us heavy. They are a burden to our spirit — [...]

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The Joy in Letting Go

What we become depends upon what we overcome. Hardships; Struggle; Pain; Grief; Loneliness; Hurt; Anger — it’s in times like these that it’s worth remembering there have always been times like these. Our human species is not young. We have endured hardships for millennia — we are fighters, we are strong, we are resilient. We [...]

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Benefits of Meditation – What Science Tells Us

Yogi’s have been sharing their knowledge and teachings of meditation for thousands of years. It’s only in the last few decades, however, that the West has truly embraced this practice — for the benefits it brings to our Mind, Body and Spirit. Even more recently, the scientific community has been studying and validating what Eastern [...]

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How Do We Grow?

DO WE NEED TO EXPERIENCE PAIN IN ORDER TO GROW? We are born to grow and evolve, it’s part of our human experience. And yes, we do inevitably grow from painful situations, be they emotional or physical. However, is it possible to facilitate our growth without pain? Is it possible to grow by cultivating a [...]

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Simplicity of Life

It’s in the ‘Simplicity’ of life that we feel true joy! The more choices we have, the less likely we are to be content with our decision. In psychology, we refer to this as the ‘paradox of choice’ effect. Regardless of how certain we are about our decision, when we are faced with too many [...]

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